Five teams from five schools

Project days in five European countries

In June 2022, our team had been travelling through 5 EU countries to organize on-site project days on climate change and sustainability for participating secondary-school teams. The first occurred in the Czech Republic, followed by Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. The project days had been organized in cooperation with Deloitte, a consultancy firm.


During the project day, students from 3-5 secondary schools in the country are first introduced to the rules of Climate Rules, a game inspired by the board game Masters of the Climate. In each team, the participants divide up their roles and get the necessary equipment. Each team represents one fictional country. Most of the project is created digitally on a tablet.


Participants go through rounds in which they solve economic, ecological, geographical, and other challenges that impact their country. Within each round, the students have the opportunity to learn about new technologies that can help their country to deal with challenges, ,negotiate with other team members and collaborate. At the end of the game, they learn how their country has fared in reducing its impact on climate change, which is the primary goal of the entire project day.

Sounds interesting?

Have you missed chance to be part of Climate Rules in 2022? Are you interested in getting to know more about sustainability? Curious to explore how you and your schoolmates and your class can help and fight climate change? If you are interested in participating in the next Climate Rules project day, register via the form Register to play and stay in touch with us.

Thank you, on behalf of the whole partner team, Bridge Academy, Deloitte, NROS, nvias, Egyesek Hungary, University of Ljubljana, and Mladiinfo Poland.